We are committed in all our developments, to focus our energy and resources, protecting the environment. We ensure strict controlled use of energy, thereby reducing our carbon footprint and have a strong social responsibility not only to our employees but to our surroundings. Our competency and innovation centre, focuses on continuous improvements to our product lines, researching and analysing the chemicals, to ensure improved emissions ratings are achieved. (Alternative option) We are committed to the sustainable development of tanning industry, Schinder’s R&D center combines economic benefits with social and environmental responsibility,thereby providing a greener solution for vehicles with lower interior emissions. Through simplified productive process to reduce the energy consumption and through controlled and effective application to improve the cutting yield. Through the consistent research on chemical materials, the center ensures our products meet the ongoing amended quality standards. Keeping abreast with the fashion trends, the center focuses on product developments in this area, assisting OEM designers with new product concepts, replicating new trends. Our team has a clear understanding and is proactive to the challenges the industry faces, thereby working closely with world-class chemical suppliers in finding solutions. Our focus is innovation, thus allowing us the privilege to in making a difference within theautomotive leather industry.