• Schinder advocates eco-friendly tanning.

  • Schinder advocates eco-friendly tanning.

  • Photocatalytic technology is applied to ensure exhaust gas emissions meet the local regulations.

  • ISO14001 accreditation for environment management since 2006.


I. Annual pre-treated waste water discharge is 700,000 tons

1. Our facilities have strict separation of rainwater and pre-treated waste water

2. A strict sampling point is clearly determined, regulated in accordance with the “Technical Specifications of Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Monitoring of Stationary Pollution Source”.

3. We ensure compliance with the standards and monitoring points of the environmental protection departments in accordance with the, “Standard for Data Communication of Wastewater Effluent Auto Monitoring System”.

4.Pre-treatment equipment is installed for collecting all chrome-containing waste waters; these are precipitated after which point a laboratory analysis will allow the next stage of treatment. Once the levels are reached, meeting the regulatory standards, the water is discharged into the communal treatment facility under control of the treatment plant technician.

II. Exhaust gas emission

1. Photocatalytic system in crust leather warehouse

Technology: water spray+photocatalysis

2. Boiler exhaust gas emission processing system

Technology: multicyclone+water film dust collector

3. Treatment system for exhaust gas in sewage treatment plant

Technology: alkaline spray

III. Solid waste

Main solid waste is the sludge from the waste water treatment plant. After pre-treatment, the sludge will be pressed into cakes in a filter press, temporarily stored and finally transported by special vehicles to the approved solid waste treatment company for disposal under strict guidelines.