We have a state of the art physical and analytical testing facility,which is ISO17025 accredited. It is equipped with the following:

Atlas light fastness testing machine (USA)

Haake fogging tester(Germany)

The laboratory can test more than 400 items that includes those acquired by the ISO standards, the ASTM standards, the SAE standards, the DIN standards, the EN standards, the BSI standards and many other standards of the automakers. Because we are familiar with the international standards, schinder was entrusted by the National Light Industry Council with drafting QB/T2703 the industrial standards for automotive upholstery leather products in 2004. In the meantime, we also drafted five industrial standards of detecting methods to support this QB/T2703. Our company participated in the setting of seven industrial standards of detecting methods for other countries in both 2008 and 2010. In 2014, we took part in the setting of one national standard, oneNational Light Industry Council’s detecting methods standard, and five Zhejiang Clean Tanning Strategic Alliance’s standards. Because of our passion and contribution to the setting of national and industrial standards, Schinder is appraised as an advanced unit in the cause of tanning industry’s standardization during the 11th Five-year period by the National Technical Committees of Tanning Industry Standardization.(This needs to be cleaned up and reformulated)